Artist Bio:

Better late than never would be the motto to my life. Being creativity isn't something that is necessarily pushed growing up on the east coast. Most of my life I thought I was stupid, until I was 22 and discovered what passion feels like through making a short film that was never released nor edited with one of my best friends. I had never felt more awake and alive in my life. After College at Miami University in Ohio, not Florida unfortunately... or maybe fortunately haha, no offense to the state of Florida...but oh yeah, after several attempts to drop out I graduated from college, got my shit from CT and drove across the country to sleep on my best friend's couch in Los Angeles to pursue my creative dreams, thinking at the time that was movie making. That was until, after attending a paint and noir class hosted by my sister, who moved out to La as well, discovered another passion and that was painting...whatever the term painting really means. I want to do everything, every media, I don't know if it's my ADD but I like to switch it up. But reach out to me, let's collaborate, let me make something custom for you, let's do something new.

Charity Bio:

I once was taught that you should pick a charity that has the greatest impact and I believe with this charity our donations will go the furthest in saving the lives of people that do not need to suffer or die.

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