Artist Bio:

After taking introductory painting, sculpting, and drawing classes for a quarter at Northwestern 7 years ago, I developed a love for creating visual art. As a classically trained ballet dancer I’ve grown up with an appreciations for lines and shapes and how the ability to be soft/create fluid movement often comes from incredible physical strength. I think that shows up in the pieces I‘m currently making whether its juxtaposing geometric shapes with more fluid components or using materials to create shapes that have a quality opposing their natural states. The pieces available for sale are meant to celebrate movement in all body types, and the versatility of Black hair.

Charity Bio:

The I Project is an activism and art organization, fighting gun violence by centering the needs of its stakeholders...The I Project prioritizes the inclusion and benefit of the most oppressed subsets, queer women of color, in all of our actions.” - as posted on their website at When researching charities to donate to this one stood out to me because it was a local organization started for and by teenage women of color who were empowered to make changes in their community.

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