Artist Bio:

James Trofa is a rising artist from New York finally sharing his work and making his dive into the world of art. He has recently been making a splash, quite literally, in the realm of fluid art and sci-fi abstraction. His artwork seeks to evoke order in chaos with his no rules, no limits approach to painting. James has been creating art in some form most of his life, however his mere private hobby has blossomed into a flourishing expression of a unique style. Lending to his artworks flowing aesthetic, James uses his own special mixtures of acrylics and mediums to create unique fluid art compositions and epic cosmic scenes. James regularly gives his followers a look into his process on his social feeds. He has even made some pieces on the request of his followers during live painting streams! If you’re looking for something truly unique, or just a special piece from your friendly neighborhood artist, keep an eye out for James Trofa.

Charity Bio:

The JED Foundation

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