Artist Bio:

A Passionate healer, creator, and empath, Lauren strives to bring beautiful objects and moments into the lives of her clients. Specializing in custom healing creations, she has been honing her craft for over 8 years and is a student of spirituality, crystal healing, meditation, and yoga. Think Unique is her creative brand; initially founded in Bloomington, IN, it has found a home in Chicago, IL and now Los Angeles, CA. Using sustainably sourced and natural materials, she creates healing jewelry, meditation & aromatherapy tools, and home decor. Since its foundation in 2018, Lauren has shown her work at over 60 midwest markets & events. She has been featured on StyleChicago, Zo Magazine, and Scapi Radio Podcast for her work and mission, and continues to create her work passionately, and with the utmost attention to detail. Learn more about how she got started in her latest interview:

Charity Bio:

I have chosen the AFSP because I have dealt with mental illness for over 15 years and feel its essential to provide resources for those struggling with suicidal thoughts or depression. There is always someone ready to listen :)

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