Artist Bio:

California artist RR VAGNINI was born in 1959 in Europe and educated there and in Langley, Virginia. He first evinced drawing talent at age five, and his commitment to doing art was born while a young man. 40 years later he continues unabated. Vagnini’s vigorous collages, paintings, drawings, and multi-media works are full of originality and power, though their technical inspiration derives from the spirit of the European surrealists and American abstract expressionists. In his work, Vagnini experiments freely with color, structure, and automatism, while striving for the simplicity of expression that characterizes primitive art. Vagnini has worked in a variety of media -- pastels, acrylic, enamel, pen and ink, watercolor, collage, and ceramic -- and in styles ranging from realism to abstractionism. Shortly after relocating his studio to Carmel, Vagnini began a long and productive apprenticeship with noted ceramicist Joseph Hysong, himself a disciple of the eminent Japanese national treasure, Hamada. Vagnini has also applied the Japanese aesthetic, with its melding of art and function, to the design and execution of furnishings, bonsai, and other practical items, as well as to a large selection of carvings in a variety of materials. RR VAGNINI’s prolific oeuvre -a life-long chronicle of experimentation with color and application technique- has exhibited successfully on both the East and West coasts, has works in permanent collections in the US and has been collected internationally. His work was on display at the 2017 Whitney Biennial with Occupy Museums, 2019 Art Basel (SCOPE) and he has been published in literary journals, art magazines such as Kolaj and Diafano and on-line venues. RR Vagnini is an artist who aggressively seeks to engage his viewer in an aesthetic dialogue.

Charity Bio:

The Center for Biological Diversity is fighting to save the Endangered Species Act and want those who come after us to inherit a world where the wild is still alive.


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